Let's Get This Party Started

Aloha readers!

As a pilot's wife living on Maui, I get a lot of questions.  About life on Maui, about being married to an airline pilot, about cooking for a vegetarian, and more.

This blog is for you if you a) are interested in visiting Maui - or moving here; b) wonder what its like to live with an airline pilot,  c) want to commiserate about being a pilot's wife, d) think bagging a pilot husband is a good idea (it is), or e) like to cook and are always on the hunt for something different and yummy.

I'll cover all those topics here on this blog. I will also attempt to share the beauty of Maui through photos from time to time AND pass along random tips, tricks and "hey didya know" stuff that I run across that might interest you.

Welcome to my new blog and mahalo for reading!


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